Goals with Grace: August Edition

Join Hayley at thetinytwig.com for her monthly Goals with Grace!
Join Hayley at thetinytwig.com for her monthly Goals with Grace!

Another month has flown by! Here is a recap of my July Goals:

  • NACBA Presentations (I’m speaking at two workshops on July 15)
  • Sherwood Kids! lines (monthly, I’m telling ya!)
  • Spend more time in my Bible and Devotional/Prayer Time
  • STRESS LESS about random skin issues and tummy problems

Technically, I probably did Stress Less overall, but I’m not crossing that one off because I did still stress a lot more than I should about something that I flat out cannot control!

So, August. We’re already seven days into the month. What are my goals this month?

  • In-depth Study of Hebrews with the #Shereadstruth group. Excited to actually spend some time studying God’s Word
  • ONE GIRL! ONE GIRL! ONE GIRL!  More writing, more planning, more execution of ONE GIRL.
  • Spread the news about One Girl and get MORE GIRLS (a lot of One Girl Stuff!)
  • Enjoy vacation/my sister’s wedding without worrying about skin issues
  • Figure out what is going on with skin issues – I have no idea how I can be responsible for that one, but I’m trying.
  • Find someone to do a blog design for me – or at least learn how to change colors/fonts in wordpress!

What about you? What are your August Goals??


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